PRess Release – Think Like A Celeb

The Trick To Press Release, is to be newsworthy.

Celeb date celeb to gain more paparazi and news. Some guys create a video and hire 2 bodyguard and make it such that they are a celeb in US, this is an example of turning somethign fake into true.

Celeb product sextapes to be famous. Those people does things to the extreme.

They get married and divorce in 1 year, the whole world knows so does their popularity.

Their death can also increase their popularity and sales. Check out michael jackson.

So do whatever it takes to create a newsworthy press releases and make it TRUE.

Spiders – A Good Marketer

Spider is a great marketing – infographic. How we can learn from a spider


Spider build webs and place it at high traffic locations . Similar to how we advertise our business in high traffic locations. The only different is free.

Spider Build strong foundation at the corner before he create a funnel for his food. We build strong website onpage SEO and strong landing page before we start to capture leads

Spider build a lead capture page that has zero leak. Those who enter shall not leave. Suprising in our case, those who enter can somehow leave.

Spider has no problem capturing 10 leads a day, because there is a wrapping to keep the food fresh. When we capture too much leads without proper sales funnel, our leads drop off. We should store them and always attend to them.

Spider create multiple web in different traffic area to capture food. So we should do that.

Spider is hard working – so we would.

Spider eat food that are soon to rot, we should work on leads that warm not cold.

Spider never cold call, they

Marketing Like A King

Zappos – Do a suprise, word of mouth marketing and giving GOOD customer support and INStANT delivery. They designed a successful work of mouth salesfunnel by giving them surprise which they then tell their friend about it. USP ? Free refund up to a year ! The idea: design some suprise that get people to praise you

clearlyglass – get your glasses done anytime cheap and fast.


Creating Something Special, revolutionary, problem solving

Today we are at a age of revolutionary. Competing via pricing, wholesale is hard.

The pet brush to brush pet teeth is revoluitionary.

The water host that can expand and despand is revolutionary.

The beer equipment keg mechanicaly is revolutionary

If you want to do something, do something like this. Something that solve peoples problem. Infusionsoft is a revolutionary product

Shazam is a revolutionary product.

Dyson vaccum and fan is revolutionary.

Iphone is revolutionary. That is why apple phone are 20% more expensive and more buyers (do an infographic on this)

By doing someting revolutionsary, yo ucan charge premium pricing because you have no competitor. higher profit margin. Look at APPLe and DYSON, you realize dyson vacuum are $300 ,1.5 to 2x more expensive. Their dyson fanless fan are also twice as expensive but they sell as hotcake, look at theirs stock

ReachLocal Reach Commerce is a revolutionary product too.

Why Is It Important To Do A Market Test & Some Case Studies

By doing a market study and test. You will be able to save time and money. YES !


A friend of mine who wanted to do a similar food niche market. He wanted to quit his job and start the business without knowing if it is really works. Well he is in this industry for years but that doesnt mean he really can do it. If you are a entrepreneur like me, you do know the risk and amount of hardwork required to succeed. Especially you have to do almost everything yourself.

So i consult him and advice him to do a test. using facebook, run a test and see how many people intereted. Or run a fake site and generate traffic and see how many sales.

Some marketing ideas

I have been thinking for a while now. What if i can generate huge amount of leads and links and local press by create a contest.

Do not limit the contest to a aspecific niche, you can branch into sub catergoy such as roofing and gutter and painting all together. you can sell many leads too.

There is a optimum way of generating huge links, leads and press if do it properly. First, the size of the contest i am thinking of has to be big enough. There must be 2 leads buyer ready to buy all your leads

There is 3 ways we can monetize and benefits from this

- more leads. Most leads out there are capture by capturing their attention. There is only so much leads you can get via SEO and PPC. The next level is to capture those who are waiting but not ready for it or never though it is needed yet. By making a deal with couple of companies out there, you can sell leads at a fixed price. Thus , generating you some revenue. You can sell the same leads to different companies because they wil be comparing prices anyway. Thus making money both ways.

-since the contest has to be attrative, it must be worth it or cheap enough that people want to take action now. Do donation so that people know that if they do it now, they will get benefit and the poor and sick get the benefit as well.

- this generate links to the business website , and generate likes to the fan pages.

Get them to subcribe into to win. thus generating email leads too, with sub bonus to get them to like your fan pages – double combo. Since there are so much coverage, you get local trustworthy links = SEO too.

The monetization is only coming for selling leads to multiple vendor. Ther might be a lost but the SEO ranking might consider as a compensation.

- during the contest or event, get the press to do some covers, get local newspaper to write about you, do radio or everything you can to make it a hit. Include a donation or Canadian to get free publicity.  also get the blogger to mentioned it.

- since it is worth mentioning, do a massive press release.

The prize can be

  • No HST !!
  • $10,000 dollars OFF !
  • Free roofing or gutter to the winner. You sell it to your friend too.


Rules – My FAV –

  • Design Is The RULES – Design Is Free When You Get To Scale
  • Doing Something Be Remarkable. Very Good Is Bad, It is Very Boring. Be Very Remarkable.
  • Who Does Care, Who say I want To Hear What Is Next

Shazam one of the brilliant affiliate marketing using APP

Branding Requirement

  1. Toll Free Number with Your Brand Name In It. Either 7 Characters or 4 Characters
  2. domain name with 1800 or just brand name in it with .com
  3. a cute frontline customer support. Such as koodo a mask man, telus an animal, fido with dogs and perhaps you can use the despicable me minion.

How To Build A Blog Network Guide

  1. Apply For Freshdrop and Apply for a OpenSiteExplorer. You can buy as many domain in 7 days so you dont miss out anything. If you do not have money, go get a job
  2. Set the PR you want in FreshDrop. Fake PR – No, At Least 1 Year Old, Best are ORG Domain. .net .local location (.ca) , .com and .org. No Dash. Make Sure IT is Index
  3. Tips: Those that has more than 3 bids are usually the right choice.
  4. Check If They Have A Fake PR. Double Check. Using The Scrape Box Addon
  5. Wayback machine on the domain
  6. Do a quick search, quick verfication and if ok. Quickly download it and put it into the netpeak checker and run.
  7. Check PR of the Page, PR of the Domain, if it is INdext, most important.
  8. Some link are built to last, such as directories and blog post,
  9. From – Fake – NO, etc (please input this data)
  10. Cerify the top pages if they have high PR Sub-pages. This will affect the price of what you buy
  11. Check if it is a redirection. backlinko . Usually this is not an issue if you use OpenSiteExplorer.
  • PR 3 – 100+ links
  • Pr 4 – 800+ links
  • Pr 5 – 1500+ links
  • PR 2: $15 – $25
  • PR 3: $30 – $60
  • PR 4: $100 – $150
  • PR 5: $150 – $250
  • PR3 -  $40 – 200
  • PR4 -  $100 – 600
  • PR5  – $200 – 1,500
  • PR6 -  $400 – 3000

Generate Content Strategies

  • use “VS” to generate content via google suggestion tool
  • how, what when where who etc via google suggestion
  • utlize quora & yahoo answer.

this will increase the quality of the PR blog network such that you will get good ROI on it.