Creating Something Special, revolutionary, problem solving

Today we are at a age of revolutionary. Competing via pricing, wholesale is hard.

The pet brush to brush pet teeth is revoluitionary.

The water host that can expand and despand is revolutionary.

The beer equipment keg mechanicaly is revolutionary

If you want to do something, do something like this. Something that solve peoples problem. Infusionsoft is a revolutionary product

Shazam is a revolutionary product.

Dyson vaccum and fan is revolutionary.

Iphone is revolutionary. That is why apple phone are 20% more expensive and more buyers (do an infographic on this)

By doing someting revolutionsary, yo ucan charge premium pricing because you have no competitor. higher profit margin. Look at APPLe and DYSON, you realize dyson vacuum are $300 ,1.5 to 2x more expensive. Their dyson fanless fan are also twice as expensive but they sell as hotcake, look at theirs stock

ReachLocal Reach Commerce is a revolutionary product too.

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