Definite Guide Build An Authority Sites

Foundation 3 Methods:

  • Buy Expired Age Domain, With Keyword In Your Niche, With Branding Capabilities & Ideally With Lots Of Backlink Profile. Use That Domain Instead.
  • Buy A Domain That You Love, Buy A Expired Age Domain With Lots Of Relevant Backlinks That Is In Your Niche. 301 Redirect To Your Sites.
  • Look For Website That Are For Sale (Not Auction), That Have Strong Backlink Profile, And Grab It Up. Once You Host It & Throw Some Content, The PR Will Come Back. You can either use that domain or 301 it to your personal domain. (Not More Than 2 301 Redirect Per Website).
    • Google Search It, Set The Date From As Old As Possible.
    • Use This Tool Xenu Link Sleuth To Find Dead Links
    • Put It Into Bulk Checker & Find It The Domain Is Ready For Sale.
    • Do A OpenSiteExplorer To See If It Has A Good Link Profile.


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