Traffic Plus Link Building Strategies

Each Of The Traffic Plus Link Building Strategies Below Is What I Implement On Day To Day Basis. Not all but one at a time, utilizing outsource to do it. For more indepth. I have add a URL for more indepth explaination on how to actually do it. This page is live and I am constantly updating it as I learn more things along the way. Checkout How I implement it and my process. If there is anything on this list can be improved or a better way and more efficient way to do it, pleas email me. Tools:

  • Xenu Link Sleuth
  • NetPeak Checker
  • ScrapeBox
  • Ontolo
  • SEOmoz TOols
  • Link Prospector
  • SoloSEO


  1. Always Compile The Link That You Build
  2. Always Compile Potential Link Opportunity Into Excel Based On Categories Everytime You Found
  3. Always Compile A List Of Person That You Previously Engaged With, Chat With, Guest Blog With, Meet With Into A CRM Tool. Include Their Bio, Last Discussion and Followup.
  4. Never Forget All Above
  5. Setup A Google Alert For Particular Search Queries, For Every Campaign You Did.
  6. Link To Authority Sites If Possible
  7. Link To Other Assets You Have In Your Articles (For Tiered Link Building)
  8. Co-citation. Basically, Add Some Keywords Near Your Anchor URL So Google Will Know Without Over Anchor Text Optimization. Example, instead of linking “dentist chicago”, you can link with brand and other natural anchor text but make sure the keyword is near the anchor text. Example, dentist chicago for your “service needs”
Some Resources:
Understanding The Goal:
  • Build Great Content To Generate Links Naturally
  • Or Base On The Links You Want To Get, You Build A Content Catererd To The Links
  • Understanding How Search Operator Works By Combining Several Search Operators To Find Highly Targeted Page That You Want.
    • intitle:equestrian inurl:links = will show “equestrian” in the <title> tag and the URL has a “links” in it.
    • Of cource, you can also do this intitle:equestrian inurl:links = Hire Eric Ward For Him To Show You How To Do Type For Certain Niche.
Some Tips
  • You do know that you can trade time for links instead of buying it. Such as Free SEO Audit, Website Design, or Run an Ads and generate traffic for them.
  • You can use Surveys or Offer Free Services In A Cafe, Give Local Businesses Free Audit & Free Consultation. From There Give Him More Advice & Ask For A Link Back To Thank Them.
  • For Boring Niche & Maybe Other Sites, Create An Online Resources That You Personally Pay When You Start. So People Can Access For Free Without Going Through The Hassle You Once Did. Follow Up & Ask Them What They Want To See & Read, From There Generate A Giveaway Or Similar, & Ask For A Link Or Reprint.
  • Brainstorm for Virality, A News That Will Make An Impact Of The Sphere and Gain Traction. Things That Will Spark Debate, Anger, And The Need To Condemn Or Write About
  • For Negative Reviews, Go All Out & Turn It Into A Positive Review. Turn That Unhappy Client To Happy Client, Find An Authoritative Blogger To Give Write An Honest Review, Get Other Client To Write A Review As Well & Then Issue A PR Campaign to bring awareness to the reviews. GET ATTENTION
  • Some Key Viral Campaign Comes From Great Video Ideas
  • Invite High Authority Blogger To Blog At Your Website. Requirement Needed Are That You Have Authorship Markup Installed. Pay If You Need To, It Is Worth It.
  • Create A List Of Top 10 Companies Who Did Well In Certain Marketing.
  • If you create image that you have copyright to, email the website and ask for credit to get a link. Reverse Image Search
  • April fools day Dont Miss It!
Some Undeniable Great Ideas
  • Wedding Related Companies – Create A Blog With All Proposal Video That Goes Viral. Advertise It And Do Contest. This Can Generate Leads. Wedding Video Can Be Created To Generate Viral Which Promote The Company Even More.
  • Provide Value + Promote It = Get Links To Point To Your Sites. Write Your Super Best Content, Promote It via Everywhere, Stumbleupon etc.
Some Top Marketing Campaign I Admire:
  • Superman Man Of Steel RazorBlade Shave – How Did Superman Shave ?
  • A Shopping Website Kogan, Annouce In Press That They Will Charge User Who Use IE extra Taxes. Generate News, Viral, Debate and Links!
Service/Product No Longer Available
  • There are cases where the URL That the website is pointing to is not available or no longer maintain. 404 or no longer selling. Use the opportunity to get a link from those. It is worthwhile if you are a competitor. For instance, a blog link to a product that no longer available, you who sell the same product request them to link to you instead. You get all the link juice now
  • For finding sites which no longer offer a service or have expired:
    • “service no longer available”
    • “service no longer available” [keyword]
    • “service no longer available” (or for all you foreigners)
    • “no longer available [keyphrase]“
    • “site no longer available”
    • “site no longer available” [keyphrase]
    • “site has been taken down”
    • “site has been taken down” [keyphrase]
    • For finding sites which no longer sell a specific product:
    • “no longer offer [keyword]“
    • “no longer sell [keyword]“
    • “stopped selling [keyword]“
    • “stopped offering [keyword]“
Important Habits:
  • Always Blog Comment On A Site (Not Necessarily The Post Itself) When You Guest Post. So That You Get 2 Links Instead Of 1, You Also Get To Diversified.
  • Make Sure The Link That You Compile & Build Are Index – Fully Tracked So You Know When It Got Deleted.
Google Alert
  • Setup Google Alerts For “Sponsorship Opportunity” “Thanks To Our Sponsor” & “Donate TO Our Charity”
Stumble Upon
  • Utilize Paid Advertising To Get Eyeballs To Your Content (Must Be Good!) To Propel Viral Effect
Scoop It:
  1. Scoop It Is A Great Way To Build Quality Links With Little Work
  2. Search For ScoopIt Page With High PR (PR1++) That Are Relevant To The Niche. Use Google Search String Operator.
  3. Suggest A Content To Them & Sent Them A Quick Message About Your Content
  4. Dont Forget To Document Them

Ranking Video:

Skyscraper Strategies -

  1. Find The Most Linked/Share Content In An Authority Website Of Your Niche.
    • Search It With OpenSiteExplorer Top Pages (The Internal Link In The Authority Site)
    • Google Search – The Top 5 content are usually trustworthy and lots of link.
  2. After You Decide A Particular Type Of Article, Hunt For A Few More Of The Best Similar Content
    1. Remember to use AHREF or similar tool to Pull Out All URL Linking To That Content
  3. Base On That Content – Write A Even Better + Super Content That Are Updated Or Compiled From Many Resources. That It Is So Useful That People Will Link To.
    1. Make It Longer, Thorough, Better, More Interesting, More Up To Date, Compilation
    2. More Actionable + More Insight
    3. Better Designed
  4. Generate The Link Report That People Link To The Content That You Compiled. Use Your Tool Of Choice
  5. Filtered Out Those That Doesn’t Make Sense. Perhaps Run A Tool Using Netpeak Checker. Email Them
  6. This Will Bring Tremendous Amount Of Traffic & Links.
I was checking out some of your articles at SITE NAME today and found this page: URL
I noticed that you linked to one of my favorite articles ever: NAME OF ARICLE
I also absolutely love that resource>
You know what? I actually ste out to make something similar: YOUR URL
It’s like ARTICLE NAME, but more up to date and comprehensive
You may want to consider linkin to my article from your page
Either way, I’ll see you around at SITE NAME!
  1. Find Guest Post To Target. Use Several Google Search Operator.
    • Perhaps Finding A List Of Blog That Guest Post On Other Blog. They Are Pre-Approved List You Can Have
    • Sometimes, The Person Who Comment On Your Blog Is A Good Place To Guest Post
    • Use Twitter To Find Those Who Are Already Guest Posting. Search It With:
      • For Awesome Article, Select Where You Want It To Published
      • For Normal Article, Just Write The Pre-written Article & Shoot Over To Them.
    • Reverse Engineer The First Page Of Competition & You Will Find Gems.
    • If You Have A Blog & You Have A Fan That Praise You In The Comment Section, Ask To Guest Post On Your Raving Fan’s Site
  2. Use Netpeak Checker and Filter Out Into 3 Categories. Work From The Top Best Sites Till The Bottom. Make Sure The Blog Is Not Fake
    • Write Awesome Article For The First Tier
      • For The Top Sites. You Have To Build Relationship Before You Ask For A Link/Guest Post.
      • Internal Link In Your Giant Post To Bring An Expert Abroad Which Will Make Things Go Viral.
    • Write Okay Article For Second Tier
    • Outsource Article Writing For Third Tier.
  3. Write An Article For The Audience In The Website You Want To Published.
    • Expert/Noob, Local Business or Big Companies?
    • Use To Generate Ideas
  4. Write It For Them First Because They Are Busy ! (Suitable For Top Blogs, Others, Pitch First So You Dont Waste Time)
    • Write It In Your WordPress & Sent It To Them in HTML in notepad
    • Consider Giving Them A PDF To Compliment With Article (Good For Lead Gen)
  5. After Published. Follow Up With Audience, Say Thank You To The Publisher, Look For Great Comments Who You Can Guest Post With.
  6. PDF Directories

Hey Simon,

Thanks for taking the time to comment on my guest post at

I never thought of the fact that (insert something they said in the comment).

That’s a good point.

Anyway, I actually have another guest post idea that would be perfect for your site.

It’s called: “5 Tips for Chiwawa Shaving for 2013 (and beyond)”

I could have it sent to you this week.

Either way, thanks again for your insights!


Hi (name),

I’m a long time reader. You may have noticed my comment on your post on the environmental impact of cat shaving (awesome article by the way).

I’m writing to you because I’d love to contribute a guest post to

I’ve been brainstorming some topics that I think your readers would get a ton of value from:

-7 Steps for Shaving Your Cat Without the Struggle

-10 Ways to a Closer Cat Shave

-How to Lower Your Cat Shaving Supply Costs

As a passionate cat owner and blogger I’ll make sure the piece overflows with information that can’t be found anywhere else.

To give you an idea of the quality I’ll bring to your site, here are some other guests posts that I’ve published:


  • Create An Image Or Icon That Are Timely & In-Demand
  • Make The Icon In A Set Of 5-10 With Different Color
  • Upload To Your Own Hosting So The Site Owner Can Do A Direct Download
  • Submit It To All Of The Website Below:
    • (PR6)
    • (PR6)
    • (PR5)
    • (PR6)
    • (PR5)
    • (PR5)
    • (PR6)
    • (PR5)
    • (PR5)
    • (PR5)
    • (PR3)
    • (PR5)
    • (PR5)
    • (PR3)
    • (PR4)
    • (PR4)
    • (PR2)
    • (PR2)
Link Roundup
  • Step1: Write A Sharable Conten
  • Step2: Find Link Roundup Opportunies
    • Most People Link Out To A List. Create A Massive List
    • Find Websites That Do Link Roundup
    • “Weekly Link Roundup”
    • “Daily Link Roundup”
    • “Monday Link Roundup”
    • “Friday Link Roundup”
    • “Link Roundup” + Keyword
  • Step3: Submit Content For Roundup
  • Try To Communicate With The Blog Before You Ask For Your Link. Give Insight

Hey (Blogger Name),
It’s (Your Name), the guy that’s been commenting lately on your blog.
I hope you’ve gotten some value from my insights.
Anyway, I really, really enjoy your link roundups. I actually just posted
a cool piece of content entitled: “(Your Title)” that you can check out here:
I’ve been getting quite a bit of positive feedback from it so I thought it
may make a nice addition to this week’s link roundup.
Either way, I hope you enjoy the article and keep up the awesome work!
(Your name)
The last step is just to wait and hear from the site owners. If you followed
the steps above you should be golden!

Funnel Sites -

  • A Real Life Example of Funnel Page . A Page That Get High PR from internal Links
  • Step1: Find Funnel Page. They have nothing in common thus no footprint. You will have to spot it.
    • The Link To Your Site Is Do-Follow
    • Create A Content Rich Page
    • Get Internal Links By Liking, COmmenting & Following OtherPeople
    • is a Good Resources (Not All Site That Allow You To Build Contextual Page & Funnel PR.
  • Step2: Build Super High Quality Funnel Page. Make Sure You Write Content Related To The Audience Of The Site
  • Step 3: Funnel PR. Commenting, Liking A Content, Liking A Profile, Following Someone, Uploading Content To The Site. Find The Highest Page Rank And Do It Via Scrape Box
Contribution To The Community:
  • Give Free WordPress Theme With A Link To Your Website. Squeeze More By Including Ads and Email Subscription form
Press Release+ Local SEO:
Audio Sharing Sites – Or Podcast
  • Upload Music or Podcast
  •  (PR6)
  • (PR7)
  • (PR5)
  • (PR5)
SBI – Site Build It
  • Find SBI Sites – That User Generate Content
  • “keyword” “submit your contribution” “powered by SBI”
  • “keyword” “enjoy this page” “write your own page”
  • “keyword” “click here to see the rest of the form and complete your submission”
  • Submit Your Unique Content – Do Not Insert Your Links Into The Content – Instead Put “Reference”, Link To Other Authority Website To Make It Sound Legit
  • Best Is To Write It In WordPress, Copy And Paste Into SBI
Sent Email – Talk How They Mess Up Their Marketing
  • Study Their Problem
  • Sent Them An Email
  • Show Details Problem Of Their Problem With ScreenShot & How They Can Fixed It
  • Make It About Them, Target Rich People (So That They Hire You To Fix It), Be Respectful, Namedrop Some Famous People Into The Email & Dont Give Up (Follow Up)
  • Use Yesware To Track If They Open Your Email.
Give Testimonial:
  • Write A Testimonial On A Product Or Services That You Love.
  • Make Sure You Tell Them That They Can Use The Testimonial On Their Homepage Or Testimonial Page.
  • Do The Normal Search Of Top Websites In Your Niche Who Has A Link Page Or Resource Page
    • “fitness” + “resource page”
    • “fitness” + “resources”
    • “fitness” + “recommended sites”
    • “fitness” + “links”
  • Use Xenu Link Sleuth To Identify Any Broken Link On That Page
  • Sent An Email To Help Them About The Broken Link & Let Them Know About Your Website And If They Want To Post It On Their Website
Infographic + Explainer Video
  • It is all about the IDEA. And Finally The Design. No Money ? Use Piktochart on AppSumo
  • Tailor You Infographic To The Website That You Absolutely Want Your Link To be In.
  • Submit The Infographic To Infographic Sites
  • Email Relevant Blogger & Authority Sites To Use The Infographic As The Guest Post & Offer Them To Write Unique Description For Their Site
  • To Make It Even More Better – Add An Explainer Video That Will Propel Virality Of Both Infographic & Explainer Video.
Software Submissions:
Directories & Link/Resource Pages:
  • Yahoo Directory Is The Best
  • Link Pages Are Valid & Work Best Such As Edu, Gov & NGO (High Authority Sites). Most Importantly As Long As It is Relevant
  • Improved Their Resource Page
    • “keyword links”
    • “keyword resources”
    • “precious metal links”

Article & Web Directories:

  • Ezinearticles
  • GoArticles
  • Isnare
  • DMOZ
  • LOcal Chamber Of Commerce
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Yahoo Answer + Craigslist _ Google Group
  • Squidoo
  • Hubpages
Edu, NGO, Non-Profit Organization, Gov Resource Links:
  • Position Your Website & Great Resource Content Such That They Want To Link To You
  • Most Of Them Have A Resource Area, Blog Or Even News Section. (E.g University Provide Assistance To Student On Renting – Renting Company Link Here)
  • Personally Call Them Or Walk To Them To Negotiate A Deal & Ask For A Link
    • “your niche”
    • “pet links” or “helpful cat links”
    • “your niche” + “resources”
    • “your niche” + “links”
    • “your niche” + “other sites”
  • Build A Website For Student Organization In A University To Get A Link (BEST)
  • Giving Lecture
  • Go Reddit For Hire: Look For Broke Student. Pay Student To Create A Blog Using Their Edu. Domain and Link To Your WEbsite
  • Blog Award: A Page That Recognize University Blogger For Certain Niche and Encourage Them To Link Back To You. Such as “Math Blog Awards” “Professor Awards”. Make Sure The Page Look Super Professional Looking
  • Resources List: Use Google Search Operator, Find Them, And Create A Page That Cater To What They Will List On The Resource Page and Ask For A Link
Hello,I just found your helpful cat resource page also run a cat site and just posted a guide on cat toilet training that your visitors may get some value free to have a look and add it to your resource page if you think it’s helpful or valuable.Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions or comments.Sincerely,
HARO – Help A Reporter Out - Paid
  • Requires Positioning & Good Branding.
  • Once You Achieved Both, You Can Provide A Trust Worthy Shareable News To A Reporter That Will Help You Position Yourself Better.
  • It Is A Must To Incorporate Into Your Marketing Strategy On A Consistent Basis.
Guest Post In Fiverr:
  • 99% Of The Blog Is Junk. So Contact The Seller Before You Do A Guest Post. Do A OpenSiteExplorer Check & Domain Check
  • Search By Using “keyword Niche” = “Home Improvement”, “Roofing Etc”
    • “I will Post Your Content”
    • “Guest Post On My”
    • “your guest post”
    • “post my PR4 site”
    • “post your article”
    • “I will Post Your Article”
  • If The Website Is Good, Document It Into Your Guest Posting List
Submit Your Website To A Feedback Website
Blog Aggregators:
  1. Submit Your Site To Blog Aggregators
  2. Easy To Setup, Once Approved, You Will Get A Link.
Build A Blog Network:
  • High Pagerank, Old Domain, Relevant Backlink Profile
    • Protect It With Different IPs, Private Whois Information, Different Themes & Different CMS.
    • Block Ahref, Opensiteexplorer Spider, MajesticSEO & Link-Assistant.
  • You Can Also Buy Good Domain Yourself The Cheapest Way:
    • Look For Website That Are For Sale (Not Auction), That Have Strong Backlink Profile, And Grab It Up. Once You Host It & Throw Some Content, The PR Will Come Back. You can either use that domain or 301 it to your personal domain. (Not More Than 2 301 Redirect Per Website).
    • Google Search It, Set The Date From As Old As Possible.
    • Use This Tool Xenu Link Sleuth To Find Dead Links
    • Put It Into Bulk Checker & Find It The Domain Is Ready For Sale.
    • Do A OpenSiteExplorer To See If It Has A Good Link Profile.
  • Link Not More Than 3 Anchor Text & Link To A Website

Secret #2: Real Company Stuff

If you haven’t watched the SlideShare of Wil Reynold’s Mozcon presentation I suggest that you do right now.

(It only takes 2 minutes to watch)

The point of his presentation is this:

Doing RCS is easier, more rewarding, and more profitable than black hat link building.

Yes, it takes more work in the beginning than slapping up a free WordPress theme onto

But in the long run RCS makes link building a breeze.

Yes, you still have to get out there and build links…

(You should never “produce great content” and wait for links to roll in)

But the caliber of link you get from RCS is on another stratosphere than the garbage you get from software.

My search engine traffic (and profits) have gone through the roof since I switched from building useless niche sites to branded sites that did RCS

Takeaway point: If you want links that really rock the house, start doing RCS.

  • Educating YOur Niche
    • VS (Versus) Search Term & Write Article On That
    • Use PPC Data To Find What People Search and Provide Information on It
    • Generate Content Idea by Typing 1H5W (How What When Where Who Etc) and Google Will Automatically Suggest the term. Generate Many Content On This.
    • Use Quora and Yahoo Answer
    • Use Search Term = logo + Sponsorship
    • [companyname] + event
  • utilize followerwonk as well to generate relationship.

Onpage SEO

Secret #3: On-Page SEO Quality Signals (This is one of my secret weapons)

To most people, on-page SEO is all about keywords…

They think that the point of on-page SEO is to tell Google the topic of their page.

But that’s just the scratching the surface.

I’m not sure if you saw this, but someone at Google leaked a quality guidelines document last year.

This guide was what they gave human raters to evaluate the quality of Google results.

(After several leaks Google decided to make the document public. You can download it here)

This document unveiled A LOT of stuff that I hadn’t even thought of before.

And most of it involved on-site elements that had NOTHING to do with relevancy.

In fact, there was MORE stuff in that document about on-page quality signals than anything else.

That’s when I started sprinkling in quality signals in every piece of content that I publish…

…and I’ve noticed a big difference!

I know you’re busy so I’ll just tell you exactly what I do:

Link out to relevant pages on authority sites 3-4x per post
Include multiple subheadings
Limit the amount of advertising above the fold
Include things like bullets and lists to make the content easy to skim
Encourage people to leave comments on the post
Add multimedia (images and videos) in almost every post
Post long (1000+ word) content 100% of the time
Takeway point: On-Page SEO is more than just relevancy…it’s a way to show Google that your content is high-quality.

Systemize Your Entire Production Process Into A Single WorkFlow + Checklist

Secret #1: “Systems Rank Sites”

Have you ever read the small business classic “The E-myth”?

It’s awesome.

Anyway, the book is basically a 250-page kick in the ass…

And that kick is there to help small business owners like you and me create “real businesses”.

And what makes a “real business”, you ask?


(Say it with me!)


If you don’t have repeatable systems in place, you don’t have a business…you have a job.

If you want to do well with SEO then you need to develop systems for each and every part of the process:

-Systems for content creation

-Systems for keyword research

-Systems for guest posting

-Systems for internal linking

Get the picture?

Once you have systems that work, you can scale them up.

For example, I’ve been doing a lot of email outreach lately (to the tune of 50-100 emails per day).

When I first started doing email outreach, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.

My success rate was less than 1% (the industry standard is 5%).

But as I tested different things, my success rate shot up and I learned what worked (and what didn’t).

Now I can send a list of 1000 URL targets to a VA and KNOW that I’m going to get 50+ links from it.

That would NOT be the case if I just randomly sent out emails asking for links.

The system makes the process predictable and scalable.

Takeaway point: Develop systems for the SEO stuff you do most often.

Doing Charity -

  1. Use Search Strings To Find Website In YOur Niche That Accept Donation. You can get high page rank sites.
    • “donate to us”
    • “contributors page”
    • “sponsors page”
    • allintitle: “contributors”
    • allintitle: “sponsors”
    • “donate” + “add your link”
    • “contributors list” + “make a donation”
    • allinurl:”donation.html” / SPonsors / Donors
    • allinurl:”donate.html”
    • allinurl:”donations.html” (or .asp .php .htm .aspx)
    • “donate”
    • “donate”
    • “donate”
    • “donate” + “add your link”
    • “keyword” + “sponsors”
    • “donate” + “links below”
    • “corporate sponsors”
    • “sponsors” + “link to your”
    • “contributors list”
    • PS. Please Note For PR Update

Speak Your Mind