Some marketing ideas

I have been thinking for a while now. What if i can generate huge amount of leads and links and local press by create a contest.

Do not limit the contest to a aspecific niche, you can branch into sub catergoy such as roofing and gutter and painting all together. you can sell many leads too.

There is a optimum way of generating huge links, leads and press if do it properly. First, the size of the contest i am thinking of has to be big enough. There must be 2 leads buyer ready to buy all your leads

There is 3 ways we can monetize and benefits from this

- more leads. Most leads out there are capture by capturing their attention. There is only so much leads you can get via SEO and PPC. The next level is to capture those who are waiting but not ready for it or never though it is needed yet. By making a deal with couple of companies out there, you can sell leads at a fixed price. Thus , generating you some revenue. You can sell the same leads to different companies because they wil be comparing prices anyway. Thus making money both ways.

-since the contest has to be attrative, it must be worth it or cheap enough that people want to take action now. Do donation so that people know that if they do it now, they will get benefit and the poor and sick get the benefit as well.

- this generate links to the business website , and generate likes to the fan pages.

Get them to subcribe into to win. thus generating email leads too, with sub bonus to get them to like your fan pages – double combo. Since there are so much coverage, you get local trustworthy links = SEO too.

The monetization is only coming for selling leads to multiple vendor. Ther might be a lost but the SEO ranking might consider as a compensation.

- during the contest or event, get the press to do some covers, get local newspaper to write about you, do radio or everything you can to make it a hit. Include a donation or Canadian to get free publicity.  also get the blogger to mentioned it.

- since it is worth mentioning, do a massive press release.

The prize can be

  • No HST !!
  • $10,000 dollars OFF !
  • Free roofing or gutter to the winner. You sell it to your friend too.


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