Spiders – A Good Marketer

Spider is a great marketing – infographic. How we can learn from a spider


Spider build webs and place it at high traffic locations . Similar to how we advertise our business in high traffic locations. The only different is free.

Spider Build strong foundation at the corner before he create a funnel for his food. We build strong website onpage SEO and strong landing page before we start to capture leads

Spider build a lead capture page that has zero leak. Those who enter shall not leave. Suprising in our case, those who enter can somehow leave.

Spider has no problem capturing 10 leads a day, because there is a wrapping to keep the food fresh. When we capture too much leads without proper sales funnel, our leads drop off. We should store them and always attend to them.

Spider create multiple web in different traffic area to capture food. So we should do that.

Spider is hard working – so we would.

Spider eat food that are soon to rot, we should work on leads that warm not cold.

Spider never cold call, they

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